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of the 4th day beta challenge
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From the developers of the award-winning Vermintide comes Vermintide 2.

Try this visually stunning 4 person co-op sequel today - follow the instructions to join the fight.
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Epic Beta Challenge

  1. Unlock your beta game key
  2. Activate in steam & download
  3. Gather your team of 4 in-game
  4. Speed run the level
  5. Fastest team daily wins
The rules are simple
This will be a 4-day challenge where teams will be competing for the top spots in the leaderboard each day. Become the fastest team to speed run the beta level before each day challenge ends (17:59 CET) and each member of your team will win a prize. In addition, each day there will be a different prize up for grabs and the leaderboards will be reset after each day challenge ends.

There will be a total of two leaderboards, one without any Tobii Eye Tracking players and one leaderboard for teams where at least ONE team member is playing with Tobii Eye Tracking enabled.

Day 4 of 4 Beta Challenge Leaderboards

Time remaining in day 4 challenge: 16:23:38
Non-Eye Tracking Leaderboard
Eye Tracking Leaderboard
Prize: Tobii eye tracking 4C + Warhammer: Vermintide end times + Warhammer: Vermintide 2.
Value: $209
Eye Tracking prize
* The leaderboard will be updated every hour. We are experiencing issues in the leaderboard due to heavy traffic, we are working hard to be able to track and display runners shortly.
Previous Winners
Day 1: Konis, JDimensional, aflictedd, Brave Sir Velenor 03:28
Day 2: Huku十ka, Exact_Value, 💎IMpRoVe💎, An Old Friend 03:29
Day 4: -
Previous Winners
Day 1: Scrotonium The Great, Ethanut, DarkNeo, Captain Woofles 05:26
Day 2: Leviathon, SD | Jimmie, Haimann, Mr. mávpiči 17:18
Day 4: -
* All winners are preliminary, pending final confirmation from Fatshark and Tobii after the closed beta has ended.
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